imbus TestBench - The tool for all phases in the testing process

The imbus TestBench is platform-independent and provides professional tool support for all phases in the testing process
– from the planning to the design and automation of tests, and then on to a consistent logging of test results.

20 years of test management experience are reflected in all areas of TestBench!

  • Basic support for all tasks in software testing

  • Test planning, test design, test automation, test execution and reporting

  • Fully integrable into your test system landscape

  • Integration of several requirements management systems and an error management system into one project

  • Quickly applicable due to different test description methods (from simple to highly professional, for manual and automated tests)

  • Particularly efficient for test design and test specification by reusing data and test steps (interaction method) and by separating test description and test data

  • Convenient for test planning and control through the versatile possibilities of evaluations and process mapping

  • Easy to understand for the testers through the use of the integrated test execution wizard iTORX

  • Flexible learning due to the modular design and the roll model (extra learning units for each roll for fast and optimal training)

  • 100% traceable and audit-proof test results through integrated version and configuration management

  • Flexible in automated test execution by the control of any test automats

  • Easily expandable with additional modules

  • Testing Intelligence, management of test variants and test evaluation

  • Extremely economical due to the rental model

  • Get started immediately without high investments

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