Values & Culture

At imbus, we not only value quality work in order to provide our customers with the best possible support, but we also care deeply about our employees. We know that we can only be successful together. For this reason, we base our day-to-day work on our four core values of excellence, sustainability, joy and togetherness which are anchored in the company as both a practice and a guideline - from the board of directors to interns. Our great motto is Better together: As part of the imbus family, you can rely on a community that stands united behind you.

We are heading for the future together!


We promote excellence by continuously improving, driving innovation and sharing knowledge. In doing so, we always strive for the highest quality

  • Specialists and pioneers: We are specialists, experts and pioneers in our fields and drive our dynamic industry forward every day. With our many years of experience, we are shaping the future.
  • Customer whisperers: With intensive communication and on the basis of many years of experience, we build up a trusting relationship with our customers in order to provide them with the best possible advice and support.
  • Supporter and responder: We at imbus support each other. We believe that for every problem there is a solution and specialists who can help. We help each other with questions and are there for each other.


We promote sustainability by acting in an ecologically, socially and socially and economically responsible and thus future worth living.

  • New recruits instead of cold water: Everyone new to imbus is given enough time and support to get to know colleagues, methods, customers and projects.
  • Focus on people: At imbus, we are perceived as people. Our needs are taken into account and we are treated personally.
  • Individual growth: Promotion and growth are the focus at imbus. We grow day by day and continue to develop.


We promote joy by creating a positive working atmosphere and motivating employees to develop their potential and work with enthusiasm.


  • Creative freedom: From day 1, we are trusted here to carry out our work independently and in the way we prefer.
  • Dynamic and varied: Thanks to our dynamic industry, we can learn something new every day. Variety determines our working day.
  • Celebrators of success: We are aware of our abilities and recognise the successes of ourselves and our colleagues. Champagne toasts and team celebrations are of course part of it.


We promote togetherness by working openly and respectfully working together, enabling diversity and taking the needs of and taking the needs of all participants seriously.

  • Respect: We treat each other with respect and rely on transparent and honest communication.
  • Backing: We can always rely on the backing of our employer, even in uncertain times, and concentrate fully on our tasks.
  • Eye level: We respect ideas and competence regardless of level and therefore keep our hierarchies flat.