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The unintended termination of the execution of a component or system prior to completion. [Reference: After ISO 24765]

A use case in which some actors with malicious intent are causing harm to the system or to other actors. - See also: use case

The criteria that a component or system must satisfy in order to be accepted by a user, customer, or other authorized entity. [Reference: ISO 24765]

A collaborative approach to development in which the team and customers are using the customers own domain language to understand their requirements, which forms the basis for testing a component or system.

A test level that focuses on determining whether to accept the system.

The degree to which a component or system can be used by people with the widest range of characteristics and capabilities to achieve a specified goal in a specified context of use. [Reference: After ISO 25010]

1. Testing to determine the ease by which users with disabilities can use a component or system. [Reference: Gerrard]

2. type of usability testing used to measure the degree to which a test item can be operated by users with the widest possible range of characteristics and

The process of obtaining user account information based on trial and error with the intention of using that information in a security attack.