Performance is crucial to success

IT applications or websites with poor performance represent a clear competitive disadvantage. Today, internet users and customers expect response times of less than two seconds: Every additional second results in losses in sales. But also in case of internal used IT applications, fast systems allowing operate better and more efficiently. Application performance and scalability are underestimated in almost every IT project. Timely planned and correctly carried out load and performance tests avoid bad surprises during the go live.

Non-functional requirements, e.g. the maximum response time in certain use cases, but also the scalability of the architecture need to be discussed and systematically checked already in the development phase. Omissions or wrong decisions that arise at this stage can only be corrected with immense effort, if at all, after the completion of the development.

Load and performance tests are essential

The right use of load and performance tests is therefore an important contribution to a performant system in production operation. Even after the go-live it is important not to lose sight of the application’s load and performance behavior. Increasing numbers of users, changes in the user behavior, growing data bases, etc. can gradually impair the performance and user experience. It is necessary to ensure that the application also works under peak load, e.g. in the course of a marketing event, in order to prevent expensive advertising campaigns from falling flat or even damaging the image.

Test tools

Our experts at imbus are fully familiar with the current load and performance test tools and their proper use and support you to ensure that your IT application performs perfectly and consistently from the beginning. The use of the latest cloud solutions by our load test tool partners allows us to simulate very high load requirements and test and measure the response of your systems, as well.

Green IT

Load and performance tests also contribute to efficiently optimizing the hardware capacity of a server installation or a computer center. The resource requirements can be specifically reduced to a minimum, thus contributing to Green IT.

  • Our experts analyze with you the implemented business processes and the system architecture, to comprehensively determe your requirements and aims.
  • We implement and carry out the hereby defined test scenarios on the basis of the analysis.
  • We evaluate the test results achieved and provide you an expertise.

Start at any point of the software life cycle

  • You are about to commission a new application?
    We support you in defining non-functional requirements regarding the performance, efficiency and scalability.
  • You are developing a new application and want to prevent future performance bottlenecks?
    We support you developing your load and performance activities.
  • You are facing the market launch of a new application and want to avoid a worst case scenario?
    We guarantee beforehand your going live with suitable measures.
  • You want to be sure that your application also performs well during productive operation?
    We design a suitable monitoring for you and assist you during the implementation.
  • You have performance problems regarding productive operation?
    We help you to identify the bottlenecks.

As you see, there is no reason to risk poor performance anymore.
Leverage the experience and expertise of our test experts at imbus!

FAQ: What is the difference between load and stress tests?

The load test measures the system behavior at increasing system load (e.g. several users are concurrently accessing the application) in order to find out the maximum load that can be born.

A stress test checks the system behavior under overload, e.g. by operating with excessive data volume or improper operation. Thus, aspects such as robustness (correct operation in the case of errors) and error tolerance (consistent performance despite wrong entries) are tested.

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