What is professional outsourcing of software testing?

Outsourcing software testing is the outsourcing of certain testing activities to a specialized service provider. The type and scope of the tasks to be outsourced can be defined individually. The service provider assumes responsibility for the project to a scalable extent, as required.

What are the benefits of software test outsourcing?

  • Maximizing productivity and software quality

A service provider specializing in quality assurance and testing has an experienced and optimized approach, which enables the most efficient completion of testing tasks. The systematic, structured test methodology also ensures high software quality.

  • Flexible and fast compensation of capacity bottlenecks

Even if changes or delays postpone planned release dates, a professional test service provider can react flexibly and adapt its test work to changed schedules at short notice.

The service provider can pause in the event of major delays and, on the other hand, carry out the associated tests as soon as a new version is available, thus providing rapid feedback to the development team. This is because both the personnel resources and the infrastructural requirements are flexibly available at all times. Outsourcing therefore helps to alleviate the criticality of time in software projects without having to compromise on product quality.

  • Tackling the shortage of skilled workers

Outsourcing makes it possible to cover personnel requirements quickly and economically in order to operate successfully in a highly competitive environment, especially in times of skills shortages. In addition, outsourcing test tasks can help internal department employees, for example, to focus on their main tasks.

Why is imbus the right partner for your test outsourcing?

imbus has many years of experience and a high level of expertise!

With over 30 years of experience in software quality assurance and software testing, imbus is the leading solution partner in this field. The extensive knowledge and experience of our employees is the basis of our successful work.

All imbus employees are certified testers according to ISTQB®.  Many of our quality engineers also have additional certifications specific to their respective areas of responsibility. Our comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of testing, including methodological approaches and suitable testing tools, is kept up to date through continuous further training and education. Our strong internal network enables our specialists to draw on the specific knowledge of other colleagues at any time during projects.
In addition to achieving the quantitative goals of our customers, our aim is above all to provide high-quality results.

Our experience and expertise

Over 10,000 completed projects testify to our comprehensive know-how:

"Due to this long, very successful and cooperative partnership, Sartorius will continue to rely on imbus as a strategic solution partner for software quality assurance and testing in the future. A key objective of the current work is to continuously increase test coverage and test efficiency by further expanding test automation."


"The introduced test automation is considered a comprehensive success. The integrated code of the software teams is of a higher quality than before and there is comprehensive trust in the automated smoke tests. The framework is not only considered to be very structured, but is also being introduced in an increasing number of projects - even outside Germany. Automation efforts have decreased, test productivity has demonstrably increased and the goals of the automation investment have been fully achieved from the client's perspective."

Siemens Healthcare

"The quality of the mobile applications is being continuously improved. Thanks to the successful regression tests, the bank can rest assured that even new features in the app will not have a negative impact on existing functions."

 Financial services

Why imbus?


We are able to provide a suitable test environment cost-effectively for almost any test object technology, whether virtual or partially virtual. In addition, we also offer the option of transferring complex hardware test objects to one of the imbus test centers, where they can be operated by imbus as a test environment during development.

We use the tools you specify in your existing development environment to control and automate the tests.  Alternatively, we provide an optimized test tool chain ready for use with the TestBench and supplementary test automation tools.

The protection of your data and test objects is guaranteed at imbus, as we have implemented strict security measures and procedures. imbus is committed to the highest security standards and is ISO 27001 certified.

Nearshore services

As part of outsourcing projects, we can also realize economic benefits by involving our nearshore locations in Kosovo and Albania.

Throughout the entire duration of the project, you will always have a responsible contact person in Germany as an interface between you and all imbus stakeholders. In this way, we guarantee fast and clear communication.

Our nearshore locations are also certified according to the international standards ISO 27001, which guarantees the highest quality and data security. We follow strict security protocols and ensure that all projects comply with the relevant legal and regulatory requirements.

Collaboration with our teams in Peja is particularly effective due to the same time zone. This is particularly important for agile projects where quick decisions are required.

Nearshoring with imbus Peja

Which testing services can you outsource to imbus?

As part of outsourcing to imbus, various service components from the field of software quality assurance and testing can be put together individually and flexibly as required. In addition to functional testing, we offer service modules in the areas of IT security, digital accessibility and load and performance.

Functional testing requires the sustainable development of customer-specific knowledge about the test object. To this end, we provide a dedicated core team that familiarizes itself with the specific requirements and functions of your product and is available for the entire duration of the project.
In this way, we guarantee efficient project management and enable a seamless transfer of knowledge when individual team members change.

Another key element of our range of services is test automation. We not only offer consulting services, for example by accompanying the evaluation of suitable tools, but also actively support you in the development of a test automation architecture and implementation of automated test cases.

In addition to testing desktop applications, we specialize in mobile testing and have a corresponding device pool that can be used to map a wide variety of device and system combinations.

How does the cooperation with imbus work?

Working with imbus on outsourcing projects is characterized by a partnership based on trust and transparency. We ensure close, regular coordination and open communication to ensure that you as the client can track the progress and status of the project at all times. This transparency also makes it possible to jointly coordinate and implement any adjustments or changes to the task mix.

The contractual structure of the collaboration is either based on a contract for work/agile contract for work or in the form of a service contract (T&M).

Benefit from our know-how

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