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Agile methods have established themselves as an effective approach in software development in order to meet the increasing demands for flexibility and speed. Agile testing is an important part of this. This approach supports continuous collaboration within development teams in order to bring products to market faster and more efficiently. The focus here is on continuous adaptation to changing requirements throughout the entire development cycle. imbus is your consultant for agile testing.


What are the challenges of agile testing?

Agile testing has many advantages for the development of software projects, but it also presents some challenges that need to be overcome. One of the most common difficulties observed is that at the end of a sprint, the product cannot be considered "potentially shippable". This means that not all activities associated with a user story have been completed. Problems such as incomplete documentation, pending (regression) tests or untested installation routines mean that the team is regularly confronted with rework from previous sprints. These constant context changes significantly impair the team's velocity, as it is constantly forced to switch between different topics.

The situation is even more serious if the product is not executable at all at the end of the sprint. In such cases, no sprint demo can be carried out and the customer receives no added value from the completed sprint. This not only results in a significant delay in time-to-market, but also raises questions about the efficiency and quality of the agile testing process.

Another common observation is that daily stand-ups and other meetings are used ineffectively. Instead of being an opportunity for team members to discuss their progress and challenges, they are often misused as work reports or project status meetings.As a result, the benefits of a self-organized team are not fully exploited.

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Agile testing: health checks and advice

In order to meet the challenges of agile testing, it is crucial to optimize the processes and communication channels within the team. A clear definition of "potentially shippable" and consistent adherence to it are really helpful. Only through continuous reflection and adaptation can agile testing develop its full potential.

An inventory, also known as a health check, is used to find out which topics are worth consulting on.

There are various health checks and health radars available on the market that can provide support. imbus, as an experienced consultant in the field of software quality assurance, will be happy to help you select a suitable model for your team and support you in taking stock. Optimize your agile testing with advice from imbus when implementing the recommended measures

The T5 maturity model

This examines the extent to which the team fulfils the agile values, such as shared responsibility and self-organization. It is also crucial whether team members who are primarily responsible for testing activities are well integrated into the team and rate themselves as su

Test procedure
The test procedure looks at the process and organizational structure of the team. It is particularly important that everyone contributes to the quality of the input artifacts.

Test methodology
The test methodology analyzes how agile testing is carried out and which quality assurance measures are introduced at what stage of the p

This dimension looks at collaboration within the team: information flow, joint planning, estimation and progress tracking as well as the important goal of rapid feedback.

The "Technology" dimension deals with the tools, their ability to support the team in collaboration and the sustainability and reusability of the tools used.

By applying the T5 maturity model, we obtain a comprehensive assessment of the maturity level of your team or product within a week. On this basis, we can work with you to determine which measures will bring about the greatest and fastest improvements.

imbus Expert Day

An imbus Expert Day allows you to take stock of the most important aspects. It is a concise introduction to the further improvement of your test processes.

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Agile testing with imbus

We are your contact when it comes to "agile testing" - take advantage of imbus consulting now and actively improve your test processes and products!

We offer you the following solutions and services:

  • Do you want to further qualify the members of your agile teams? Is it important to you that the quality assurance of your product is carried out using efficient and appropriate agile testing methods? The imbus Academy offers suitable training and certification programs for this.
  • You don't want to reinvent the wheel, but want to benefit from the many years of experience of our senior consultants? We are happy to accompany you as coaches in the agile transformation of all aspects of software quality assuranc
  • Do you want to help existing system testers leave the world of the waterfall behind? We coach your employees to become a key enabler of the DevOps mindset.
  • Many of your teams use other tools and architectures for the same purpose? Now you want to utilize the synergies of comprehensive tooling? We help your teams to define and build a comprehensive architecture for test automation and to select suitable tools. After all, without the automation efforts of the many agile teams interlocking in the form of coordinated continuous integration pipelines, the "shippable product" at the end of the sprint or the end of the product increment remains wishful thinking. And comprehensive, robust and maintenance-friendly automation of regression tests avoids the continuous accumulation of technical debt
  • In an agile transition, experience has shown that there are always difficult situations characterized by competing or even contradictory goals. As neutral moderators, we make a significant contribution to finding solutions based on our best practices.
  • Do you have a "Lean-Agile Center of Excellence" and lack testing expertise? We would be happy to take on the role of agile test coach.

With imbus at your side, you have a solution partner who has the relevant know-how, best practices and experience for all aspects of agile testing. You can find many valuable sources of further knowledge here:


Agile testing: customized advice from imbus

Of course, we are happy to advise you every step of the way, offer you tailor-made approaches with our testing experts and introduce best practices. In short: we accompany you on your way to not only working agile, but to being truly agil

If you shoot for quality, efficiency will come for free.”

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