No two are alike: This is true for individual employees, teams as well as entire organizations. We offer you individual training models and various methods of knowledge transfer. This allows you to tailor your training to your requirements from the very beginning.

Open Seminars

For the targeted further development training of individual employees, and for concentrated learning without the distractions of everyday working life. Attending one of our open seminars also provides you with the opportunity to make new contacts and to exchange ideas with fellow specialists from other companies and industries.

In-house Courses

You can book any imbus course as a cost-effective group training course at your own company location. You can decide the dates for the course, which can be held at your location, so your employees don’t have to travel, or at one of imbus’ locations. It provides you with an opportunity to align the scope and contents of the training course with the requirements of your team or your company.

Virtual Classroom Training

We offer selected dates in our Virtual Classroom.
Save travel time and travel expenses and take part in our training from your home office or from your usual workplace via the Web in the Virtual Classroom.
Break times and practice supervision are optimized for the format.
The group size is no different from face-to-face training, so your trainer can devote the same attention to you as if you were on site.
The only technical requirement on your side is an Internet connection that can transmit the audio and video conference and corresponding output devices for video and audio.
No special software is necessary.

Your documents will be sent to you in printed form to the address of your choice before the start of the training, so that you can leaf through them parallel to the presentation, take notes and work through the exercises, just like in a face-to-face seminar and independent of your technical infrastructure on site.

Exams in conjunction with Virtual Classroom seminars

You can also take the exam after your Virtual Classroom Training online and it is particularly flexible. It doesn't matter whether you would like to allow yourself a little more time to learn, or whether you prefer to take the online exam directly after your course: Just let us know a few days in advance and we can reserve a time slot for you at the examination centre!

A detailed description of the technical requirements and the software used for an online exam will be sent to you immediately after you have registered for a Virtual Classroom Training, so that you can take your time to decide which way you want to go.

Of course, you can also choose one of the available attendance examination dates in one of the numerous examination centres.

imbus Academy in Core-Time

Do you have children in day care or other obligations that prevent you from attending a training course with normal training times?
In this training format, we provide you with live online trainings in a shortened days.
Participate our 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. intensive lessons - repeat your most challenging contents in the evening and achieve your goal effectively and quickly!
This way you can pursue your qualification even if full-time simply does not fit your current schedule.
Would you like to take a closer look?
You can find our dates here.


The best way to learn something is to do it yourself!
For these live online trainings with Eureca-effect we have identified concisely outlined topics, which you can actively practice with our trainers and with the members of your training group in a team.
For each topic there are short training units in which we focus on the intense transfer of know-how and the hands-on implementation and exercise of what you have learned!
Some training sessions also include homework that can be completed autonomously between training sessions.
Our TestKwonDos thrive on the fact that you develop solutions jointly in the group.
We have deliberately chosen the metaphor of an engaging sport for this format:
With the presented powerful (hand) techniques (Kwon) you will find your way (Do) to master your challenges in intensive exercise units!

Participating, rehearsing yourself and profiting from each other in the exchange of experiences is the motto of the day!
We are constantly expanding the topics covered here. Would you like us to teach you a specific topic in this practical way? Feel free to contact us!



We offer our courses world-wide in English and German. At an international level, we co-operate with selected partners.

In Asia, our Chinese colleagues from imbus Shanghai and imbus Chengdu will be pleased to meet you.

In North America, our Canadian colleagues from imbus Canada Corporation are on hand to meet your requirements.

Training courses in other countries can also be booked quickly and easily via imbus Germany.


Do you have any questions about our ervices?
Feel free to contact us! We will be happy to support you from gathering all information you need to register for the course within your organization to organizing your trip to the training site.
Send us your question!

Standard, Workshop or Intensified?

When designing our training courses, we made use of the entire range of tried and tested didactical methods:

Standard Trainings

In our standard training courses we use frontal teaching as a central element, which we loosen up and supplement by using various learning techniques and media and by practical exercises. The set of slides serves as a script for the training and 30-50% of the training time is spent on practical exercises.

We value time for detailed questions, discourse between the participants and recapitulation of previously taught content.


Our workshops represent a particularly flexible way of conveying course content. Through them, you benefit particularly from the extensive practical experience of our trainers in the knowledge area taught. You are guaranteed to work on the subject matter using concrete exercises (which may originate from your own working environment) and can discuss it in depth with the workshop leader and other participants. This will draw you into thinking deeply and creatively, just as you would in any real-life situation.

Intensive Seminars

Our intensive courses guide you through the whole course matter in a compact and streamlined way. You seamlessly build on your foundations and benefit from a high learning tempo and the full concentration on the subject. The courses conform to the same level of quality as the standard versions, both in terms of accreditation and our philosophy of hands-on knowledge transfer.

XXL Seminars

In the XXL versions of our courses you will have plenty of time for discussion, for example to map individual aspects to your own project situation and to develop and elaborate on complex content.

Make more of your training course!

The initial practice day and more...

Whether methodology training or a training with a focus on practical implementation tips: During the training course everything appears completely logically and ideally you would immediately start to optimize your own fields of work with the help of the newly acquired knowledge.
Once returned to your day to day business, in many cases this valuable creative distance to your project fades, before you have been able to fully exploit the potential it contains - and with it the clear view of the things to be changed .
But this knowledger transfer to your concrete working environment is an essential part of the measurable success of your training efforts. Therefore we would like to support you in integrating the knowledge acquired in training courses into your company, so that your further education becomes the starting point for lasting and noticeable improvements.

Initial Practice Day

With an initial practical day, you can transfer knowledge from a training course directly to your actual working environment. We conduct this day according to your company's specific requirements. You are free to choose your focal points from the previous training, we prepare your input and work with you to develop proposals on how you can incorporate the methodical or practical approaches presented by us into your documents and processes or how you can consolidate selected skills. Due to the customized approach, you are free to talk about details of your projects and processes.

The day is conducted by a trainer who is particularly familiar with the contents of the course and special requirements from your industry. Popular topics for this day include

  •     Exercising test case design methods
  •     Things that belong in your test concept
  •     Content and structure of your test specifications

Let us inspire you and get in touch with us! We look forward to discovering your potential together with you on your very personal practice day.

Modular system

Are you interested in individual aspects from various seminars, training courses and workshops? With our unique modular offer you can put together your own individual qualification!  You can also integrate content from company-internal training or briefings into the training process. We offer this service for in-house and group training courses. You determine the place and time of the training.

Would you like a quote? Choose a suitable topic from all our topics and follow the navigation to "request a quote" or "request" on the corresponding form. We will contact you immediately to further specify your topics.

Quality assurance guaranteed, even after course participation

Your feedback is important to us! Each participant will recieve an assessment sheet, which can be completed and returned to the trainer at the end of the course.
Any questions?
Via academy(at) we offer every participant of one of our trainings or workshops free e-mail support for 12 months for questions regarding the course content.

Coaching and Consulting

Assessments according to different maturity models, audits, assistance during the implementation of standards, methods, techniques and tools: The imbus consulting team supports you far beyond the training itself.

Trainer 4U!

When specialists in your company move from one field to another, they may no longer be able to conduct training programs, which have previously been held within the company. There is no suitable successor? We will help out, providing experienced test and quality management specialists as skilled multipliers for your knowledge.


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