Test and automation strategy

imbus helps you to adapt your test strategy to the specific requirements of the test automation:

  • Goals of the test automation
  • Establishing the test management demands and test steps
  • Integration in the development process (approach, configuration management, …)
  • Definition of the system under test’s test environment and architecture

Ready for automation: cost-benefit analysis

imbus uses a cost-benefit-analysis in order to provide solid arguments for test automation, e.g. when and for which configuration level does test automation pay off?

Tool evaluation

Evaluation of the right test automation tool according to a defined and proven process:

  • Deployment of a customised list of criteria
  • Comparative implementation as an example with different tools (proof of concept)
  • If needed, implementation of a pilot project
  • Detailed submission for the decision to purchase

Close contact with all important TA tool manufacturers is what makes imbus the perfect partner when it comes to choosing a suitable test automate / robot.

Initiation & implementation

Building the test automation architecture for the necessary changeability, maintainability and robustness as well as programming of the test automation applying specific formalisation techniques (keyword-driven test) in order to avoid illegible and poorly maintainable TA programs from the outset. The customer gets

  • fitted utilisation concept
  • maintainable architecture
  • easily adaptable technical framework
  • durable coding guidlines

It is an important prerequisite to deploy the right tools effectively. imbus relies apart from the current test robots on the TestBench when maintainability should be created by effective test design via keyword-driven test.


Involving customer specific specialists is sooner or later desirable depending on the customer’s situation. imbus co-prepares this step systematically and supports the implementation by

  • Training / coaching
  • Standardisation
  • Guidance in the solution’s further development

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