Test Manager - ISTQB® Certified Tester Advanced Level

Successful test management for software projects

What can you expect from this course?

Handle the everyday challenges of life as a professional test manager, such as how to justify testing efforts and how to plan and continuously monitor the testing process. Prepare yourself for the ISTQB® certification exam.

Goals of participating in Test Manager - ISTQB® Certified Tester Advanced Level

This training address the typical tasks and problems faced by a project or test manager.

It develops your skills necessary for the operative test management by which you are able to successfully plan, control and monitor software tests in your projects. You will also learn the methods of the strategic test management by which you will be able to introduce, establish and continually improve software tests and reviewing in the company as effective, firmly anchored process by perfectly supported tools.

According to international rules and standards you will get to know different documents regarding the test planning and you will be introduced to the basics and the contexts between fault, risk and test management. You will find out, which quality data and error statistics can be obtained during the test procedure and how the decisions for the product release can be made based on such objective test data.

You will receive an overview of different forms of organizing software tests as well as of their possible advantages and disadvantages. Thus, you can make a well-founded choice of the perfect organizational form for your specific situation. The theme complex “test process improvement” meets the permanent challenge for test managers to adapt and optimize the present processes. You will get to know different models of the project improvement and learn how to use them.

In conclusion, the tester’s part in the company, his specific situation as well the professional and social skills he needs will be treated in the workshop.

By means of exercises, the workshop subjects will be deepened and the experience exchange amongst the participants will be encouraged. You are now perfectly prepared for participation in the certification test right after the workshop or at a date of your choice. 

The following contents will be covered

  • Test process
  • Test in the course of the software development
  • Management of non-functional tests
  • Management of the experience based test s
  • Risk-oriented test, test planning, estimation of the test effort
  • Test documentation and further working results
  • Test control and monitoring, metrics
  • Added value of the testing
  • Fault management
  • Rules and standards for the test management (i. a. IEEE 829, IEEE 1028, IEEE 1044, ISO 9126, ISO 25000, ISO 15504)
  • Reviews
  • Test process improvement (i. a. TMMi, TPI Next)
  • Organizational forms of the testing
  • The testing team (parts, communication, motivation, ...)
  • Tools in the test process

Prerequisites for participating in the course

The course allies directly to the contents of the “ISTQB® CertifiedTester Foundation Level“ curriculum. Therefore, we recommend you participating in the “ISTQB® Certified Tester Foundation Level“ workshop or revision of the contents in the current version of the curriculum.

Your Examination

Participants in this course can register for the ISTQB® certification exam proctored by the official ISTQB® exam provider iSQI and CSTB, at an additional C$ 350 only. Please notify us in the comment section of your online registration, if you wish to purchase your exam voucher together with this booking.

Target Audience

  • Test Managers
  • Project Managers
  • QM/QA Staff
  • Persons wanting to be certified
  • Testers
  • Test Analysts
  • Test Consultants

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