Scrum Master Pro

Take on the role of Scrum Master in agile projects

What can you expect from this course?

Prepare to take on the role of Scrum Master in agile projects and lead your team with the internationally recognized iSQI® Scrum Master Pro certification.

Goals of participating in Scrum Master Pro

Develop what is needed, build quality in, recognize risks in time, welcome change, be competitive by staying lean and build confidence through transparency. As a Scrum Master in your agile software development team, you will be able to adhere with all these requirements. You will ensure that agile methods are used, Scrum rules that fit your organization are set up and followed, and obstacles and disruptions are removed.

To get started with all the methodology at your hands, and the certificate to prove it, just pass the exam at the end of this course – at no additional cost!

The following contents will be covered

With the iSQI® Scrum Master Pro certification you will:

  • have an independent, internationally recognized certification
  • work effectively with a Scrum team and in a Scrum environment
  • be prepared to take on the role of Scrum Master in your team
  • be able to support your team’s work with Scrum framework conditions and methods
  • know the tools suitable for work, communication and management in Scrum projects

Your bonus when attending an open seminar!

Delegates, registering for a public training course, will receive a free deck of Planning Poker cards.

Certification exam fees is included in the training cost.

Target Audience

  • Testers and developers in agile teams
  • Business Analysts
  • Test Managers
  • Product Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Persons wanting to be certified
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