imbus Managed Services – Division of work in partnership with professionals for fast benefit and enduring success

imbus Managed Services, such as Managed Testing Services, help you to concentrate on your core business while professionals test your software and systems and increase the quality of your processes and products.
You can benefit from a multi-annual cooperative partnership at eye level and obtain our services at pre-agreed conditions. Our services feature as follows:

Aimed service offer

Our service packages and their service components cover those tasks that usually prevent your employees from their core business or tasks for which you do not want to use specialists: functional testing,

mobile testing including the accompanying infrastructure, performance testing and test automation. In addition to our delivery processes, we sustainably analyze, monitor and improve with low expenditure your own development and testing processes using the process improvement service package.


Acknowledged imbus quality – more than just resources

Our service offer bundles adjustable core services for you that bring to bear the whole imbus competence: long-term experience in consulting and operative testing, TestBench as proved tool for all testing tasks, acknowledged thematic leadership and innovative capability and last but not least the expertise of our certified employees at all our sites and supply centers.

Standardized service packages – adapted to customer requirements

Via a structured and transparent performance specification we adapt our standardized service packages to your needs and boundary conditions. The performance specification contains responsibility levels, service components, service parameters, service levels and a core/flex model for resources.

Taking responsibility according to “Responsibility Level “

The scope of our services is defined by the responsibility level, which determines how much responsibility will be taken either from you as a client or from us as a service supplier in terms of test conception and budget use during the test. On the highest level, we provide you with risk-oriented budget optimization according to your boundary conditions.

Scalable solutions with well controlled team sizes

In terms of our testing services, we take on tasks of small to medium-sized teams. For every client project, we provide you with a decidedly competent core team that maintains the domain knowledge concerning your project. If required, this core team will be completed by further test experts from the flexible pool, providing you with a high cost efficiency.



Cost reducing potential  & flexibility

Apart from an increase in efficiency and test automatization, the relocation of test activities to one of our imbus delivery centers offers you the possibility to reduce the costs of a service and react to demand fluctuations flexibly. For clients in Germany we particularly recommend our TestCenter in Moehrendorf and our Delivery Center in Eastern Europe at the site Peja. Based on our experience and consistent with your requirements, we ensure a balanced mix of resources either onsite (onsite at the client), onshore (TestCenter Moehrendorf) or nearshore (Eastern Europe).

Wir stehen für die Erbringung der Services gerade

Ihr Vertragspartner ist in Deutschland, Ihre Ansprechpartner sind in Deutschland, Sie bekommen die gewohnte deutsche imbus-Qualität – um den Rest kümmern wir uns. Und Sie profitieren dabei auch noch von den Kostenvorteilen unserer Delivery-Center!

Transparency and security

Binding Service Level Agreements (SLA) guarantee that our test services will be transparent for you at any time by means of objective parameters and ensure the achievement of common improvement goals. The price will be calculated according to a “unit of work” that still needs to be agreed on (such as test case, test step or test point) and is therefore independent of the number of spent days (often called as “Time & Material”)

We pick you up

Thanks to a proven method in several steps we can pick you up at the point where you stand concerning  the division of labour with your service provider. We path the way to a successful Managed Service with imbus.


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Mr. Rolf Glunz

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