Agile Entwicklung (z.B. in  Scrum) reduziert die Zykluszeit auf ein- bis vier-wöchige Sprints. Qualitätssicherung und Test müssen mit der höheren „Taktfrequenz“ Schritt halten. Auf allen Testebenen – von Unit-Test über Integrationstest bis zum Systemtest. Entscheidend ist hier auch die Zusammenarbeit zwischen Entwicklern und Testern in Agile Testing Teams.

Agile Testing

Agile development (eg Scrum) reduces the cycle time to sprints of between one and four weeks. Quality assurance and testing has to keep up with the increased frequency of the steps. This is necessary at all levels of testing – from unit tests to integration tests and on to system tests. Crucial here is the collaboration between developers and testers.

  • Certified Agile Tester
    imbus Certified Agile Tester bring expertise and experience as an agile tester in your project. They work closely with your developers and realize rapid exploratory testing, reliable test automation (on unit test, integration test and system test level) and continuous integration. And assist in the review of requirements regarding testability and ready criteria.
  • Going Agile
    More and more projects are working with agile methods. However, it is no simple matter to implement agile methods and establish sustainably-productive agile work routines. imbus helps to make this change process successfully and make your team fit for agile approach.

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