Trends in Testing 2024 catches the spirit of the age!

The this year's Trends in Testing event series focused on one of the most exciting topics of our time:
Artificial intelligence in quality assurance.

On our roadshow through Cologne, Braunschweig, Hofheim, Hamburg, Nuremberg and Munich, we presented the diversity and depth of our expertise with the support of our impressive team.

Dr. Klaudia Dussa-Zieger, Dr. Gerhard Runze, Nils Röttger and Rolf Glunz spoke about the targeted use of artificial intelligence across the entire QA process to increase efficiency under the heading “The right move - use AI now?!”. To this end, we have also set up our own AI based on a professional LLM in the form of “Marvin”, which of course went on a journey with us.

Trends in Testing 2024 was a record-breaker with around 600 participants! This shows just how much interest there is in advanced AI in quality assurance. Our approach? No buzzword bingo, but real, applicable insights and solutions. The response from participants was extremely positive at all locations.

Are you curious about how artificial intelligence can advance your projects? Visit our portfolio page on the topic of AI!

 Our portfolio on AI

Let's explore new possibilities in quality assurance together!

See you at the Software-QS-Tag in november!