imbus board members meet member of the state parliament Christian Zwanziger

At the end of June, imbus board members Matthias Amann and Thomas Roßner met with Green Party politician Christian Zwanziger, a member of the state parliament, at the company's headquarters in Möhrendorf. The goal of the meeting was to discuss important topics related to local and state politics and to find common approaches.

In addition to the imbus board members and Mr. Zwanziger, Peter Weierich, member of the Erlangen city council, Melanie Viebahn, member of the Möhrendorf municipal council, and Thomas v. Sarnowski, state chairman of the Bavarian Green Party, attended the meeting.

In addition to municipal issues such as the climate awakening in Erlangen and its impact on the economy, one of the main topics of discussion was the High-Tech Agenda Bavaria. This aims to further strengthen the Free State of Bavaria as a leading location for innovative technologies. In this context, the participants discussed the priority of topics such as AI, super and quantum computing, and aerospace in relation to a reform of the school and university system as well as the equipment and promotion of universities in northern Bavaria in particular.
Another aspect discussed at length was the shortage of skilled workers and immigration. The participants at the meeting agreed that ensuring a sufficient supply of skilled workers is of great importance to support companies in the region. Together, they discussed what measures should be taken by both state policymakers and companies to counteract the shortage of skilled workers.

The result of the meeting was extremely positive. There were many commonalities and points of contact between the participants. The discussions were characterized by an open exchange of ideas and the search for common solutions to the challenges in local and state politics.

We would like to thank Christian Zwanziger and the other participants for the constructive dialog between companies, politicians and local decision-makers!