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The IT industry is developing rapidly – and so is the testing sector. What do we need to prepare ourselves for in the years ahead?

imbus has asked the futurologist and author Dr. Bernd Flessner to cast light on the future of software testing. The result: the imbus trend study “The Future of Testing” now in 3rd updated edition.

Take a look into the future of software testing:

  • scenarios for the periods “from 2025”, “from 2035” and “from 2050”
  • orientational knowledge for much-discussed technological developments, including industry 4.0, Outernet and smart home
  • reflections on the impact on the testing sector and the software tester profession

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    The study was published in English and German. Both versions can be downloaded free of cost. Register as a user in the download area and you’ll have also access to many further PDF files, presentation slides and whitepapers, e.g. most of the presentations from Software-QS-Tag and Trends in Testing.

    Take the opportunity and get a lead in knowledge about the testing industry of tomorrow!

    Reader feedback on the scenarios illustrated in the study is always welcome please send it to presse(at) or twitter to @imbus_AG using the hashtag #TheFutureofTesting.

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