Tool support for the test of systems with many variants

If you have to test software products, which exist in different variations, the TestBench offers you comfortable support from now on.

By means of the variant test in the TestBench, you are able to highlight and distinguish your test cases according to basic functionality (common to all variants) and variant-specific functionality.

Whether you want to examine common functionalities or just extra functions of specific variants: With the corresponding marker, the TestBench selects reliably and at the touch of a button the right test cases for the particular product variant.

Thereby, the test data necessary for the test procedure vary variant-specifically. Thus for each variant, specific test data sets can be defined, which, depending on the variant, can be inserted properly by the TestBench during derivation of the tests.

Common functionalities do not have to be fully tested in every variant

Variant test in detail

Your benefits:

  • Tests for common functionality have to be defined only once.
  • Tests for variant-specific functionality can be designed without any overlaps.
  • All tests for all variants in all product versions are centrally available at any time in the TestBench repository.
  • The data necessary for the test case can be individually defined depending on the product variant.
  • The effect of changes to the requirements or tests will be detected in an analyzable and comprehensible manner via product variants.
  • The number of test cases necessary for each product variant can be evaluated and controlled more precisely, so that unnecessary expenditure of time will be prevented.
  • The test performance and reporting is standardized for all product variants and easy to control for the test management.

Tip: The variant test of the TestBench is most appropriate for the mapping and management of internationalization and localization testing! The language specifica (e.g. specific characters or designations) will be clearly managed as variant-specific test data sets.


Your benefit:

  • Tests for common functionality only need to be defined once.
  • The tests for variant-specific functionality can be designed without overlaps.
  • All tests for all variants in all product versions are centrally available in the TestBench repository at any time.
  • The test data required for a test case can be defined individually for each product variant.
  • The effects of changes to requirements or tests are recognized, analyzed and tracked across all product variants.
  • The number of test cases required for each product variant can be assessed and controlled more precisely, thus avoiding unnecessary testing effort.
  • The execution and logging of tests is standardized across all product variants and can be easily coordinated for test management.

Tip: The TestBench variant test is also ideal for mapping and managing internationalization and localization tests! The specifics of a language (e.g. special characters or designations) are clearly managed here as variant specific test data series.

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