In an increasing number of application areas, smartphones and tablets have become the “first screen” from the private sector via corporate IT to safety-critical equipment systems, for example in medical engineering.

The demands on intuitive usability and functionality, reaction times, memory requirements and energy efficiency are high. Combined with a variety of different end devices and platforms, software quality assurance and software tests are facing many new challenges when it comes to mobile testing. We can help you to efficiently master all these challenges about mobile testing.

Your advantages:

  • On demand, the whole test process can take place at the imbus TestCenter. Thus, the infrastructure needed for multi device and multi OS tests is available for you on demand.
  • Service level agreements for individually scalable scope of performance: The imbus crowd testing service is a simple and cost-effective method for quickly checking beta versions, for usability checks, for benchmarking with competitor applications or for the uncomplicated acceptance test in your desired user group.
  • Flexible performance requests with short reaction times and the suitable capacity, whether you need single test specialists, a professional test team or a crowd testing solution.

Why are apps different?

Smartphones and tablets are a “first screen” in more and more scopes and industries. Whether in the private sector, in the corporate IT to safety-critical devices systems, eg in medical technology.

The demands placed on intuitive operability and functionality, as well as on reaction times, memory requirements and energy efficiency are high. Combined with a wide range of different mobile devices and platforms, software quality assurance and test in mobile testing are facing various new challenges.

We help you to cope with the challenges concerning mobile testing in an economic way.

imbus Mobile Testing Services:

Your benefits:

  • Test planning with identification and priorisation of relevant test goals
  • Definition and cost-effective test automation for safe regression tests
  • Reliable, objective test execution
  • Significant, complete test documentation
  • On request, the entire testing process takes place in the imbus Test centre. The infrastructure required for multi device and multi OS tests is available on-demand.
  • For a quick check of beta versions, check of usability, benchmarking with competition applications or for the simple acceptance test in their targeted user group the imbus Crowd Testing Service is a simple, cost-effective alternative.
  • Flexible power request with short reaction times and adequate capacity: from a single testing specialist via a professional testing team through to crowd testing solution

We would be glad to advise you and help you with the optimal solution for your task.