Our crowd testing services offer an uncomplicated solution to check mobile apps or consumer-orientated websites quickly!
As a complement to your internal QA or for a quick prototype or usability check, for benchmarking with competing applications or for acceptance testing by the intended user group.

The crowd sourcing approach transfers the test tasks to testers in the Internet. This crowd consists of “real” users (representing your intended categories of users) who will check your software quickly and in a flexible way.

Crowd testing also gives you uncomplicated access to the entire relevant spectrum of devices (smart-phone, tablet PC and desktop), system software (from IOS, Android and Windows Phone, via MAC OS and Linux through to Windows 8) and browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Windows Explorer, Opera, Safari).

The test steps (e.g. for explorative or session based testing) or the use cases to be tested are coordinated with you before the start of the test. The result for you will be a convincing defect and usability report.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Testers with the right background: e.g. end users of a specific age band, persons with expertise in a specialized field, it experts, etc.
  • Scalable test cycles, that fit exactly, starting within 24 hours
  • Monitoring by project managers
  • Full traceability provided by test reports, screen shots and videos
  • Comprehensive coverage of the relevant HW/SW platforms
  • Verification of all bugs on all systems
  • Bug export as CSV so that it can be imported in established bug tracking tools
  • First-class value for money


How does crowd testing work?

  • First contact and setup
    • Definition of the test project together with the project manager
    •  Selection of testers and devices
  • Start of the testing project
    • Provision of the test platform for the testers
    • If necessary distribution of the apps to the testers
  • Implementation of the testing project
    • Drawing up of the test reports by the testers
    • Live tracking of defects / bugs and other outcomes
    • The project executive checks all outcomes of the testers
    • Distribution of the verified outcomes for you
  • Final report – management summary
    • Summary of outcomes
    • Recommendations for further actions

Wie funktioniert Crowdtesting?

  • Erstkontakt und Setup
    • Definition des Testprojekts mit dem Projektmanager
    •  Auswahl der Tester und der Geräte
  • Start des Testing Projektes
    • Bereitstellung der Testplattform an die Tester
    • Ggf. Verteilung der Apps an die Tester
  • Durchführung des Testing Projekts
    • Anfertigung der Testberichte durch die Tester
    • Live-Tracking von Defects / Bugs und anderen Ergebnissen
    • Der Projektmanager überprüft sämtliche Ergebnisse der Tester
    • Freischaltung der überprüften Ergebnisse für Sie
  • Abschlussbericht – Management Summary
    • Zusammenfassung der Ergebnisse
    • Ableitung von Handlungsempfehlungen

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