A decisive factor for the success of your projects  is the provision of test data in the respective development and testing environments. It’s a matter of considering all features relevant for the test data such as quality, expression, cover, time and quantity.
Due to various aspects such as software architecture, data models and test strategies, this complex task requires tailor-made and individual strategies, concepts and processes for the test data management (TDM).
We at imbus support the structured introduction and optimization of your Test Data Management. Here we use our practice-tested process model:

Your benefits
  • Time-Saving  for Development and Testing thanks to an unique and structured Test Data Management
  • Reduction of Risk of Data Theft and Maintenance of Data Protection Requirements
  • Lower Costs for Testing Areas
  • Improved Quality of Your Tests due to Higher Quality of the Test Data

For further information please send an email to tdm(at)imbus.de or call 09131 7518-0.

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