The experience gained in our consultancy work has shown us that nearly all companies working in software development can gain considerably from improved development processes, for example in the following fields of activity:

  • Workshops
    Workshops gather stakeholders and different views of the problem around one table. Our skilled consultants assume the role of the neutral moderator. In tightly organised one- or two-day workshops they make sure that the different interests have their say, the input is gathered, assessed and concentrated into a general view. The objective is to compile a common strategy and corresponding solution processes.
  • Assessments
    With structured assessments according to SPICE (ISO/IEC 15504) TPI or T5, we identify the weak spots in your software development and the areas with a lot of room for improvement. The result you receive is our well-founded assessment report with specific proposals for short-term, medium-term and long-term improvement measures.
  • Coaching
    We don’t just give you recommendations; we also accompany you and your team in the course of daily project work, and help to implement the necessary measures. To ensure that your team can implement effective and rapid improvement.
  • Training
    You can make use of all our experience and the extensive portfolio of the imbus Academy to provide basic training and professional development training for your staff. Our consultants work together with you to develop individual training solutions that they will gladly adapt to fit your situation.
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Your contact person at imbus

Mr. Tilo Linz
phone:+49 9131 / 7518-0
fax:+49 9131 / 7518-50

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