In order to prevail in economic competition, you must continuously develop and improve your services, products and internal workflows. A fast, economical software development that delivers reliable performance software systems, is the key factor.

We advise and support you in improving processes, cost structures and time-to-market sustainably in software development and software testing. Our consultancy approach is methodologically sound, tried and tested and tailored to your individual situation.

  • Agile Testing
    Does your project team take an agile approach to development, for example Scrum? We help to ensure that key technologies (such as test-driven development, for example) are really put into practice, and also that system testing keeps up with the faster pace.
  • Test Centre
    We help you to set up a test organisation that is tailor-made for your project, your department or your company. The basis is our many-times successfully used process model which describes the set-up of test centres as well as an upstream benefit analysis.
  • Test Process
    We examine your current processes with respect to potency and efficiency using established reference models (TestSPICE, TPI, TPI Next, T5 for agile projects). We identify improvements and provide concrete recommendations for action. Of course, we support you in the implementation of measures.
  • Conformity to Standards
    imbus advises you how to design your development, test processes and validation processes in conformance with norms (e.g. ISO/IEC 29119) or with licensing or governance requirements, like MPG/FDA for example. Our gap analysis will help you see where you are and where there is still a need for action.
  • Test Strategy
    Matching to the systems, which you develop (e.g. desktop applications, mobile apps or embedded software), we help you to develop the successful test strategy and chose appropriate tools (test methods, tools, test environments, documentation). Oriented to the risks of your development or product, we’ll find the right mix thanks to our extensive experience.
  • Test Automation
    You want to implement test automation scripts or create robust and expenses poorer? Our experts will help you build an efficient and maintainable test automation that works long term. We would be pleased to advise you, if model-based testing (i.e. automation of the test design) will be worth considering in your specific situation.

Our references and project examples can be found here.