Growing risks require better testing

imbus presents updated version of the trend study „The Future of Testing“

Moehrendorf, 21 November 2017 – The speed of technological development increases rapidly. Whether it is bio-printing, cobots or polytronics: Technologies, which were classified as mere possibilities some years ago, have reached market maturity. Reason enough for an updated edition of the trend study “The Future of Testing”.

On behalf of imbus, the futurologist and science writer Dr Bernd Flessner scrutinized the initial situation in the trend study which had been originally published in 2015. He updated the current status and further refined the windows of opportunities.
As a result the 3rd revised and updated edition of “The Future of Testing” is out now.
On more than 70 pages, scenarios for the time periods “from 2025”, “from 2035” and “from 2050” describe possible developments of the testing sector – each examining both a positive and a negative viewpoint. The study provides orientational knowledge on much-discussed technological developments, including industry 4.0, Outernet and smart home. It explains, how they could directly affect the testing sector and the software tester profession.
The study was published in English and German. Both versions can be downloaded in PDF format free of cost at www.imbus.de/en/company/research/the-future-of-testing/
Reader feedback on the scenarios illustrated in the study is always welcome – please send it to presse(at)imbus.de imbus will gladly forward the feedback to the author and thus establish the contact.