Higher SW-Quality - smoother business - lower costs - Webinar

  • Standard seminar

    1 hour

  • date / place

    04.11.2020 as Webinar

  • Language


  • Seminar fee

    free of cost

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Why not boost your QA-Performance?

Facing unhappy customers and/or management? Being annoyed of the poor quality of your software? Dreaming of quitting the rat race of increasing loops of maintenance releases? All of this may hold you from moving forward to the next generation product. Finding yourself investing in quality which costs and does not pay back?

By analyzing your test cases, test coverage, the defects you have, classifying their impact on the software (e.g. by using ODC® method) and the way how your test strategy is setup, we are able to pinpoint the quality pains that you experience. At the same time, we analyze how the efforts are utilized, and within several days we will be able to show you what you need to do in order to overcome these challenges, increase the quality of your software, increase your productivity, reduce and utilize your costs and eventually get your software product back on-track. Interested to see how within few months we managed together with our customer to increase the quality of their software and the efficiency of their work by 50%...?


The Webinar takes place from 10:00 bis 11:00 and will be in English.

Compactly presented you will receive the most important facts:

  • Crux of the Matter                 – It’s all about money!
  • Look Down the Drain            – Where does your effort trickle away?
  • Mind the Gap                         – Which steps will help?
  • 2 Packages to Success           – How imbus Analysis Packages help to save up to 45%


  • Q&A and Discussion

This event will be a LIVE - Webinar using the Online-Tool "GoToMeeting" on your computer/tablet/smartphone.. You can choose the audio channel and get the presentation on your screen. The moderator will handle all requests during the session and answer upcoming questions.

target groups

  • Product Manager
  • Stakeholder of software products
  • Quality Manager